Monday, August 19, 2013

dress up stardoll cheats

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Stardoll cheats

Feature of the Stardoll Hacks Tool and How to use them

Stardoll Superstar upgrade Hack

Stardoll Starpoints Generator Cheat

Stardoll Cheats Starcoins and Stardollars

This tutorial will be divided into two parts first will explain how to generate free starcoins, stardollars and starpoints and other part will explain how to upgrade to superstars, since both the hack options are separately made we suggest that do not use both options at the same time.

How to hack free starcoins, stardollars and starpoints :- While playing the game in the background in any browser just start the Stardoll cheat tool, after starting the cheat tool just enter the amount of items you need to add in your account and press “Add items” button and then wait till the cheat tool adds the items in your account, after this finishes just press refresh button to see the changes.

How to upgrade to free superstar :- To upgrade to superstar your need to start the game and play for a while and complete some missions just to make sure that your got complete database connectivity, then start the cheat tool, after starting the cheat tool again complete some more missions to provide full connection between the database and the cheat then just select for how much time you need to upgrade to superstar and press “upgrade” button to start upgrading after the cheat finishes the process just restart the game to see the upgrade..enjoy !!!

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Stardoll cheats

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