Monday, August 19, 2013

wow power leveling

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wow leveling guide


v2.1 fixed some bugs, should take less time to edit level now.

v2.2 now works with 100% of all accounts (EU and US)

works with more EU accounts than before.

I have updated the hack and fixed it so that it works with the new WOTLK patch once again.

*Updated 18 Jan 09*

How to use:

*New for 2.2* First run patch then run the hack.

1. Unzip using tools such as winzip or winrar 2. Double Click on Instant 80 - Multi Suite Hack v2.1.exe 3. Click "I agree" then click on the "continue" button underneath. Note: for some computers the continue button may just show as a white bar, click on it anyway. 4. Type in all the information. All information must be accurate because if you miss-spell anything then this hack wont work because it wont match the info on blizzard's database. 5. Double-Click on the activate button at the bottom 6. Congratulations your character will be 80 within a 1-3 hours =)


FOR USA: This hack works 100% of the time for US accounts, I have not encountered it failing so far.

A lot of people have been emailing me asking if this works for EU. If your account is EU complete the whole form but leave the realm selection part blank because the EU database is arranged differently to the US database. This means that the program has a hard time finding the account on the database because it tries scanning all the realms (EU and US). It gives up after a while if it cant find the account. wow leveling guideWhich is why only 70% of EU accounts work with this hack.FOR EU: The answer to that is yes but only on around 70% of accounts.

For the 30% of EU that this hack doesn't work for don't worry, I am planning to release version 2.2 in a few weeks which will have support for All EU and US realms.I have found that the hack activation process takes a little longer on EU than US because of the database differences. This hack normally takes around 1-6 hours on EU accounts.

Changes for 2.1: fixed some bugs should work faster now more EU accounts should work

Changes from 1.0 version: Added US realms to program US now working 100% of time

Credits for making this hack: colmwow p47r1ck cyb0rg themonstermosh Andy

Credits for testing: kelori90 DarshViller mufc08 redneckwazza denk JamesHodgson silo-lad XoXoXoX IrishLegion killer94 em0k1d06

      Game Review:   The game has enjoyed international success since its launch and is credited with bringing the MMORPG genre to a wider audience. Players chose from two warring factions, wow leveling guide World of Warcraft is a 3D fantasy MMORPG based on Blizzard’s popular Warcraft franchise. The Alliance or the Horde, each with five unique races and access to the same ten classes.               Extra tags wow leveling guide wow level guide best wow leveling guide wow leveling guide wow profession leveling guide wow power leveling wow leveling world of warcraft leveling guide power leveling wow world of warcraft leveling world of warcraft level guide power leveling world of warcraft wow leveling guide

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